Ilenia, Samanta e Alessandra

"Guiding you to discover our Puglia is our mission".

Casa Romito was born from the desire to showcase the beauty and charm of the city of Trani.

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There is a place in the wonderful Puglia where romance embraces modernity, and love for one’s land merges with a passion for travel. It’s called Casa Romito, the cozy retreat created by Samanta, Alessandra and Ilenia, Puglia’s spirited travelers.
Our hosts, bound by a profound love for their region and the lovely city of Trani, have transformed their passion into a unique lodging experience. Casa Romito is much more than a hosting structure; it’s an embrace of comfort, romantic and modern at the same time.
The magic begins with the kindness and courtesy of Samanta, Alessandra and Ilenia, who welcome guests with the typical warmth of Puglian hospitality. Their availability is a distinguishing trait, a lighthouse guiding guests toward an unforgettable experience. Casa Romito is where romantic details intertwine with modernity, creating a unique atmosphere. Spaces are meticulously curated, from romantic design to modern amenities that make the stay pleasant and relaxing.
Thanks to collaboration with tour operators and local associations, the hosts suggest routes and itineraries in the surroundings, offering guests the opportunity to explore the beauty of Puglia through the eyes of those who know and deeply love it.
So, if you’re seeking a stay that combines the romantic charm of Puglia with modern comfort, Casa Romito is your refuge. A place where love for the land and the desire to travel blend into an unforgettable experience, a chapter written with care by Samanta, Alessandra and Ilenia.





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